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Trading Environment

  • Technical analysis AI evaluation

    Powerful data-capturing capability by artificial intelligence, fast calculation speed, in-depth analysis and exploration of market discipline

  • Analysis of the current situation of domestic and foreign forex market

    Analysis of the current light of the domestic forex market from big data and macro-data analysis

  • Regulatory institution


  • Solution

    AI algorithm + technical expert + Real-time market mornitoring

  • Identification of MT4/5 trading software

    AI evaluation Manual online experience Big data evaluation and analysis

  • Platform type and security

    Platform regulatory and identification Risk evaluation Data risk control



WikiResearch (Forex research and development center), established in 2015, is a research institute of forex market research and consulting, as well as a news website of forex trading.By sharing ideas and experience, it can help trader avoid detours during trading. As a well conceived forex website, we only provide users with forex trading news and knowledge rather than operation guidance services.Users can learn about trading on it.WikiResearch started to develop the artificial intelligence algorithm system in 2017, which is based on evaluation and prospect of forex platform by big data and real-time trading analysis.In the past 2 years, depending on algorithm system, the the precision rate of the RDC team has reached 95%,helping users to better identify the authenticity of the forex platform.A forex platform couldn’t immune form trading market and it rely on external power of tools.In the trading market, many so-called EA with artificial intelligence is indeed with simple strategy.One should be cautious about the volatile market.As experience is only for reference , please refer to the actual trading environment.More>